Patreon Print + Sticker Club – Previous Rewards

At the moment when you join the Print + Sticker Club tier (via my artist Patreon Page) you can choose any previous Print + Sticker Club reward instead of the current month’s rewards, depending on what I have remaining in stock.

You can swap for a previous reward any time if you don’t fancy the current month’s rewards.

To do this please send me a message via Patreon ASAP when joining (or when the current month’s rewards are announced) with which pack you would like instead – the packs available are listed below.

Because my online shop is not currently available and since my Patreon takes payment immediately you are welcome to join the Print + Sticker tier to obtain the reward pack you require and then cancel again before re-billing (or stick around for more neat stuff!)

Note: Print + Sticker Club Rewards will always be discounted for Patrons rather than my shop.
At some point any left over prints will be added to my Etsy shop, however Patrons who join the Print + Sticker Club will receive them at a discount as well as all the other rewards in the tiers below!

Previous Reward Packs Available:

[Listed from Newest-Oldest]

🍄 MAY 2023 – Mushroom Meadow

1 x Pearlescent Mushroom Dawn A6 Print
1 x Pearlescent Mushroom Dusk A6 Print
1 x Large Mushroom Sticker with Holographic Effect

🐝 APRIL 2023 – Spring Bees

1 x Pearlescent Queen Bee A6 Print
1 x Pearlescent Worker Bee A6 Print
2 x Large Queen Bee Glitter Stickers

🌸 MARCH 2023 – Alice Valentine + Year of the Rabbit

1 x Pearlescent Bunny Girl A6 Print
1 x Pearlescent Alice Valentine A6 Print
1 x Large Bunny Glitter Sticker

Older Print + Sticker Club Packs Still Available (2022)

🐯 January 2022 – Year of the Tiger

1 x Tiger Girl A6 Print
1 x Large Vinyl Tiger Girl Sticker
3 x Small Vinyl Tiger Girl Chibi Stickers

Please let me know if you have any questions!
You can read more about the Print + Sticker Club as well as how my Patreon FAQ here